Flexibility is key to being able to service organizations with different needs.


When people think of “Lean” the first thought is transformation that occurs with a “standard format” of large teams in long training sessions paired with Kaizen events running for weeks at a time. There is a time and a place for this format, but it may not be for everyone.

Often there is a hesitation to get involved in a “Lean” system due to the “standard format” being disruptive and costly… and organizations are not wrong to feel that way!

TSD understands and appreciates the value of holding kaizen events and the incredible outcomes that can be achieved, but also understands the impact on the business.

TSD provides the “standard format” as well as a more “project management” approach to Lean implementation utilizing smaller teams to generate focused and rapid change.


TSD can support our clients not only through standard apps like Zoom, Teams etc., but also through the METAVERSE

The virtual world allows for teams to meet and collaborate without the need for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, meals and other costs while simultaneously getting higher employee engagement.

Teams can share information including videos, spreadsheets, webpages and 3D models while customizing each meeting space for unique teams. There are very few limits on what can be done in the virtual world and this is transforming the way businesses are meeting and working.

TSD is keeping pace with the changing demands of work shaped by Covid and the need for reduced costs by utilizing the exciting world of the Metaverse.


TSD has a deep background in product and process design that can benefit organizations by ensuring waste and poor quality are removed before implementation.​

Having years of hands-on experience and being exposed to multiple industries, TSD has the experience to help drive design change in your organization and ensure continuous improvement. ​