TSD Lean consultancy is a Chonburi-based consulting firm with 18 years of hands-on experience implementing change using Lean tools and techniques.

With 31 years of manufacturing experience within 13 unique industries, TSD has the experience to adapt in order to bring about change.

Tim initially started his Lean/TPS journey 18 years ago working as an engineer in window manufacturing where he received training and exposure to Lean/TPS through TBM consulting. Later, while working in the dry & liquid bolted tank industry, Tim continued his Lean training through Newman & Company located in Boston, MA. Last but not least, Tim has worked side-by-side with Shingijutsu Consulting while in the bedding industry. Shingijutsu is the world’s foremost leader in Lean and provides unmatched training in Lean implementation. Tim was fortunate to travel to Japan and receive additional training from Shingijutsu which provided tools and techniques that are to be applied to both work and life.

Tim is also a Green Belt in Lean SixSigma and has successfully used these tools within the manufacturing value stream to drive change and improvements.

In summary, Tim has an extensive background in key manufacturing disciplines ensuring a global perspective and understanding: Engineering Manager (PE/PD/SQE), Kaizen Promotion Officer, Executive Operations and Quality Manager and Lean Manufacturing Engineering Manager.


History of Lean implementation and transformation

Spearheaded a $8million AUD state-of-the-art factory transformation project for new product start-up supporting automotive OEMs. Inserted Lean tools and techniques into the value stream as well as implemented the organization’s first Gemba & Kanban programs. Transformation of a pre-existing department required a new product-based layout netting significant reductions: 38% footprint, 95.4% travel and 17.1% head count.

Factory transformation facilitator for Lean initiative leading & facilitating in 39 kaizen events over multiple facilities in the network. Facilitated kaizen activity netting $450K/yr USD, 100+ safety impacts and 55 quality impacts between 2 facilities.

Implementing Lean tools and techniques resulted in the following outcomes:
2012 – gains: 14% gross margin, 160% throughput, 30% yield. 2011 – gains 63% efficiency netting additional $77,000 revenue. 2010 – 90% reduction non-value add labour, 58% reduction in footprint, 65% reduction defects.

Lead the implementation and start-up of $1.2 million Lean assembly pilot line resulted in 50% reduction is scrap dollars, 83% reduction in WIP, 61% reduction in process time and a 20% increase in throughput. Implemented on-touch-fasteners and SMED concepts resulting in $136,000.00/year cost savings.​

Facilitated a TPM project resulting in 30% reductions of scrap, $62K/year in material savings and first ever BEST PRACTICES award for department. Developed process improvements and enhanced machine capabilities in two facilities resulting in $340K/year cost savings​


Training, facilitating and working with great people have provided me with a very memorable, and enjoyable journey​